When Trump lashed out at the people a couple of days ago, it seemed strange and unprompted actually. Now, it’s all beginning to make a little more sense.

Aside from the fact that Trump has a very long history of saying things that are racist, he’s also spent his career accused of laundering money for criminals through his property deals, therefore it is reasonable that the Haitian government has also accused Trump of laundering money.

BuzzFeed recently posted a report on Trump’s money laundering operations and it included one statement in particular regarding Haiti:

“The Haitian government claimed in the 1980s that ousted dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier laundered stolen treasury funds when he bought Trump Tower apartment 54-K for $446,875 in August 1983. Duvalier used a Panama shell company called Lasa Trade and Finance to buy the apartment in cash. Trump signed the deed of sale.”

Of course, we know before a media outlet publishes a story they reach out to the White House for a comment, so it’s entirely possible Trump had that fresh on his mind when he made his racist comments about Haiti (and other countries) being a “shithole”.

Haiti asserted this years ago, but the timing of Trump’s comment is pretty telling. Trump likely found out about the BuzzFeed story, then hours later called the country of Haiti a “shithole”.

The BuzzFeed report also states, “In 1984, federal prosecutors charged a Russian native living in Brooklyn with taking part in a massive gasoline bootlegging operation and buying five Trump Tower condos for $4.9 million to launder the proceeds. The suspect, David Bogatin, pleaded guilty in 1987. He was released from federal prison in 1998.”